showCarousel() doesn't work



Hello, I’m trying to create a carousel and the app stops responding as soon as it reaches the showCarousel() function and I’m not sure why.

let carousel = new Carousel();
    carousel.addItem(new OptionItem().setTitle("Item 1").setDescription("This is the first item").setImage("", "accessibilityText").setKey("Carouselitem1key"));
    carousel.addItem(new OptionItem().setTitle("Item 2").setDescription("This is the second item").setImage("", "accessibilityText").setKey("Carouselitem2key"));
    this.$googleAction.showCarousel(carousel); // This doesn't work for some reason! Not sure why

Any suggestions on what to check for?


Its fine. I’ve fixed it. You need the setImage to have all attributes correctly and only then it works.


Thanks for the update! Closing this now.

closed #4