Smart home Skill with jovo?



Hello again.
I have a question since a few days ago.
I’m currently working on an iot product that controls and manages other devices. (for more information on how it works you can see here u-wigo)
And I need to use the smart home skills of amazon alexa and google home to control the devices they offer here:
amazon alexa smart home
google smart home
Is it possible to do this kind of skills with jovo?
I would be very grateful for your help.


As far as I can tell Jovo is for developing Alexa Skills meaning the ASK SDK and Google Assistant meaning the Google Actions SDK
These SDKs are for developing an application that runs on these assistant platforms.

You are searching for a framework that deals with making hardware compatible for Alexa and Google Assistant . For example the Smart Home Skill API allows for communication and control of a device via the cloud.
So I guess you are wrong here if u are searching for these functionalities (correct me if I am wrong tho)


Well, I already used jovo to make the skill of our product (u-wigo). However besides that now I need to be able to control the devices using the Smart Home Skill API.
So jovo has worked quite well for me as the skill basically consumes is a backend that we developed. I was wondering if I could use this extra function.


Unfortunately, we don’t over support for the Alexa and Google Assistant smart home APIs yet


Mnn ok :slightly_frowning_face:
Thanks for your help
I wait to soon we have that support for the API’s smart home.
This framework is very powerfull :smiley: