Testing Tuesday: Fortnite Special



In this episode of #testing-tuesday, Jan and I tested the three top-rated companion Skills for Fortnite:

The Skills offer suggestions for drop locations, challenges and gaming tips, respectively.

Neither Jan nor I have ever played Fortnite, so our possibility of evaluating the customer value of the Skills is limited (which is why we focussed on discussing the design aspects of the Skill). So, we’re curious to hear what actual players of Fortnite (or other battle royale games such as PUBG or Apex Legends) have to say:

  • How valiuable are random drop zones and challenges? Is our understanding that introducing such randomly chosen constraints make the game more interesting correct?
  • How much value is there in the ‘premium’ drop locations offered by the ‘Fortnite Challenges’ Skill? Are some drop locations hard to come up with but particularly good?
  • Are voice apps a meaningful way of consuming Fortnite gaming tips, like the ones offered in the ‘Fortnite Tips’ Skill?
  • As a Fortnite (or generally battle royale) player, what’s the Skill of your dreams? Would something like the Destiny 2 Ghost Skill, which helps with Clan communications and inventory management, make sense here?

Looking forward to hearing your opinions! If you haven’t played Fortnite either, you’re still invited to share your ideas!

Voice apps for celebrities / artists / influencers

By the way: Any discussion of Fortnite Companion Skills would be incomplete without mentioning the ultimate immersion Skill built by Alexa Solution Architect Jamie Lottig:


As I responded on Twitter, though shocking it is not surprising that Fortnite is a popular subject for Alexa. That being said, and of course the knowledge that I do not play the game doesn’t prevent this opinion. During the taped testing you mentioned Fortnite resulted in 80 plus search hits, you tested a number of skills with decent numbers of reviews. I if involved in game play would have a very low opinion of what was presented, simply referencing Twitch, or YouTube the content is so different not only because it’s visual but skils providing hints can be much better served supplied with mp3 audio clips instead of the canned Alexa voice. enhanced with some battlefield noises of youthful enthusiastic speech with maybe a little APL graphics mixed in. Then I could say the skill is impressive but the content is non interesting. Always just my opinion.


Hi @chucklapress, always happy to hear your considerate and thought-out opinions here! :smiley:

I agree that although the actual content may be valuable, the presentation in all three Skills could be better, like you say. I think especially for eSports influencers, there is quite an opportunity here! I don’t know about Fortnite, but with the mobile PvP strategy game Command and Conquer Rivals there are some YouTubers that create great brands for themselves, with both a memorable personality and great content. Just take the first seconds of ‘Captain Benzie’ here, for example, who offers stategy guuides for the game:

So, it doesn’t take much fantasy to imagine a way more awesome Fortnite Drop / Challenge Skill with this kind of presentation, right?

Ahoi! Captain Benzie here coming at you with a today’s drop location! Today you will go for the Tilted Towers! And while you’re at it, here’s my special challenge for you: Search the treasure map signpost found in Junk Junction. Ready? Go!

I think two issues why it might not be attractive for eSports influencers to build such Skills are:

  • Monetization: They might get more revenue by placing such content in places like Instagram or Facebook, although this would serve a bit of a different use case.
  • Discoverability: I’m with Team Bret on this one: Given that there are now 80 Fortnite companion Skills, and the fact that there are already some with hundreds of (mainly positive) ratings, how could you get your neatly produced one discovered? I think in the influencer use case they could leverage their other channels (Twitch & YouTube), but it would be harder if someone without much reach would attempt it.

What are your thoughts on this?


I agree. I think that you hit upon both factors in effort being placed into or not into voice accompanying skills. Sometimes a build it and they will come approach has to happen.
I simply think with a effort to produce something of quality self satisfaction can be enough.