Testing Tuesday: The Muffin Man Alexa Skill 🎵



Today Jan and I tested the interactive songThe Muffin Man’ on Alexa by Chatty Creations (Einat Laudon):

Some comments:

  • Has anyone of you seen or imlpemented a different way of handling requests to change the volume other than mapping it to the FallbackIntent and handling it with an Unhandlded handler?
  • Megan Schoenbohm actually seems to be a popular kid-directed musician, and apparently Megan and Einat have expanded the song an astonishing 8 verses (dragon, unicorn, cat, dog, mouse, ???, boy and girl) beyond beyond the traditional lyrics
  • What do you think, should the Skill allow for free selection of verses, e.g. such that if Alexa asks “Which animal should be next? A cat or a dog?” you can answer “Unicorn” and it will go back to the unicorn verse?


I watched that part again when it lowered the volume and I think it happened because you whispered “Dragon.” I haven’t seen this behavior before.

Regarding the ability to let Skills adjust the volume: There is a Uservoice request about this