Testing Tuesday: Voice app candidates



You can submit voice apps here that you’d like to see @jan and me (and guests, potentially) review on #TestingTuesday.

The voice app should probably be an Alexa Skill or Google Action, but we’re open towards testing on other platforms too. We’re particularly fond of voice apps that were built with Jovo and/or submitted by the creator of the voice app themselves, but that’s not a requirement.

If the voice app has very few interactions (like sound machines or weather apps), we might test two or three conparable ones in a session.


Posting here on behalf of Daniel Mittendorf, who suggested ‘The Vortex’ Alexa Skill on Twitter:

Seems like it’s an interactive story #VoiceGame, so of course I’m all excited about it. :star_struck:

So, thanks Daniel, we’re definitely considering that one!

Update 2019-03-26: This very excellent #VoiceGame has been thoroughly tested!

Watch it here:

We’re discussing this Skill over in this thread:


Yes! And in the discussion here we also discussed the Jack Ryan Alexa Skill: Testing Tuesday: Escape the Room Alexa Skill


Just seen on Voicebot.ai: ‘The Division Network’ might also be a neat Skill to test!