Transaction API - Google Assistant Taking Over



Hi All. I have an action that uses google Transactions API. Everything works ok down the “happy path”" but I have encountered some strange behaviours by the Google Assistant as follows:

1/ Delivery address - I can select a delivery address that’s listed or choose to add an address but if I say a random address eg “Johnson Street”, it jumps right out of my action (closes it down completely) and pulls up the nearest “Johson Street” to me.

2/ Likewise when it gets to making the transaction decision - works fine when I take the happy path saying yes or no or place the order, BUT on a couple of occasions the assistant mishears “Place” for “Play”. In such case again it exits and shut my actions bring up Spotify to play whatever it thinks I’m requesting.

This behaviour is highly annoying and I believe it has just caused my action to fail its certification.

What I want it to do is say something like this; “Johnson Street is not one of your listed addresses do you want to add it” and in the case of the transaction decision, it needs to be unhandled as "do you want me to place an offer? Yes or no? "

Does anyone know how to error handle this or is this something that @AlexSwe needs to do in the code that is abstracted away in the built-in helpers?

Any help appreciated.


I’m not sure if I can help here :confused: After the Google Assistant has taken over there not so many ways to optimize.

Is the webhook called after you say “Johnson Street”? Is the Default Fallback Intent pointing to the webhook? Not sure how to handle incorrectly called native intents.

Same for the second example.

You could try to add custom intents that catching phrases that don’t belong to the happy path.