[Tutorial] Build a Google Action in Node.js with Jovo


In this Google Action tutorial for beginners, you will learn how to build an Action for Google Assistant (the voice assistant living inside Google Home) from scratch. We will cover the essentials of building an app for Google Assistant, how to set everything up on Dialogflow and the Actions on Google Console, and how to use Jovo to build your Action's logic.

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how to create dialog flow id for production and deployement ?


Could you further elaborate? Afaik, you need to create two distinct Dialogflow Agents for dev and prod environments


In fact i dont know where find dialogflow id.



I am having problems with the tutorial when I add multiples languages, i.e en-GB and es-ES. Jovo builds and deploys the intents to the dialogflow console. The intents work on the intent debugger but when I test it on google actions, it only speaks the launch intent. After this, the rest of intents return error:

Any idea?


Did you find any solution? even i am facing similar issue. Everything works fine on Alexa but on Google home it just gives me that error.


This example shows setting dialogflow up with a manually entered grammar. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t show how to upload the platforms\googleAction\dialogflow output produced from models*.js.

There really should be a section covering that, or a pointer to an example which does so.

(I think the podcast player example tried to cover that. Last time I attempted it I was unsuccessful, which is why I was hoping this document might help me understand my mistake.)


For what it’s worth: Most of my own project is now running on both Alexa and Google. Unfortunately I haven’t yet written up the section of the README which describes how to actually deploy the code; I need to make time to do that.