[Tutorial] Deploying your Dialogflow Agent using the Jovo CLI


Still updating your Dialogflow agent manually? In this post you're going to learn how to use the Jovo CLI and Dialogflow v2 API to deploy a Dialogflow agent from your command line.

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impossible to create any account bellow this tutorial.
alls screens have changed


I did not find a link from dialogflow to google action service accounts anymore (screenshot). But if you open Google Cloud Platform and navigate to “ServiceAccounts” you can follow the remaining steps. This worked for me. @Kaan_Kilic could you update the tutorial?


@jan reminder that this is still outdated


Tried to follow these directions, hunting down the equivalent screens in the DialogFlow and the Google dashboards.

I think I successfully created the Dialogflow Admin account and downloaded the Jovo key file, which I placed in my jovo project’s top-level directory:

Directory of C:\Users\keshlam\jovo\new-sounds-on-demand

08/30/2021 09:56 PM 2,396 keshlam-jovo-one-agent-gsop-41ddda40b7d7.json

I updated project.json to reflect this:

googleAction: {
nlu: ‘dialogflow’,
dialogflow: {
projectId: ‘keshlam-jovo-one-agent-gsop’,
keyFile: ‘./keshlam-jovo-one-agent-gsop-41ddda40b7d7.json’

The doc claims this should be all I need. However, doing a Jovo build and deploy, I get an error message:

C:\Users\keshlam\jovo\new-sounds-on-demand>jovo deploy

jovo deploy: Deploys the project to the voice platform.

Learn more: https://jovo.tech/docs/cli/deploy

Deploying Alexa Skill
× Creating Alexa Skill project
Deploying Interaction Model, waiting for build
Enabling skill for testing
Deploying Google Action keshlam-jovo-one-agent-gsop
» Error: There was a problem:
» [ERR] smapiCreateSkill:Server cannot process the request due to a client
» error.
» Module: jovo-cli-platform-alexa


OK, what did I miss? (And could we get a more usefully diagnostic error message, please?)


… Anyone?


Will look into this. More verbose error messages are coming with Jovo [email protected]!


@rubenaeg: It’s been two weeks. Any news?

I tried doing a jovo update; jovo deploy then complained that the google cloud API hadn’t been installed. I installed that, confirmed that gcloud was now on my path, and ran another jovo deploy – and I’m back to the uninformative “client error” message.

Help? Please? Let me know if there’s anything diagnostically useful I can look at…

(I’ve almost got my heavily reworked version of the podcast player, specialized for a specific series of webcasts and streams, ready for publication on Git. But I want it working in at least two environments first…)


Ah sorry, this slipped under my radar. Did you try to do jovo deploy -p googleAction? Seems like your code is failing because of Alexa, not Dialogflow.


Hang on a sec, let me get to a session after installing the gcloud support… OK, working now. Hm.

I think the Amazon error is my fault; I renamed the project and presumably now have to update a control file. Haven’t found all the necessary tweaks yet; I’ll review the section on how to get the Alexa skill set up… but please change that error message so it’s diagnostically useful; “something went wrong and I’m not going to tell you what” is annoying.