[Tutorial] Login with Amazon: How to get your Alexa Skill User's Email


This time we will show you how to use Alexa Login with Amazon account linking to get the email address as well as the name of your Alexa Skill's user the most convenient way.

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Followed all the steps still it shows Please link you Account.

In developer.amazon.com created a secret profile
In Alexa skill Enabled Permissions and Account Linking
Mapped Endpoint of my localhost Jovo Project to Alexa skill .

In my local Jovo code copied code from tutorial
async LAUNCH() {
if (!this.$request.getAccessToken()) {
return this.tell(‘Please link you Account’);
} else {
const url = https://api.amazon.com/user/profile?access_token=${this.$request.getAccessToken()};

    const { data } = await HttpService.get(url);
    * Depending on your scope you have access to the following data:
    * data.user_id : "amzn1.account.XXXXYYYYZZZ"
    * data.email : "[email protected]"
    * data.name : "Kaan Kilic"
    * data.postal_code : "12345"
    return this.tell(data.name + ', ' + data.email); // Output: Kaan Kilic, [email protected]