[Tutorial] Send Notifications Using the Alexa Proactive Events API


In this tutorial, I want to show you how to send proactive events with your Alexa Skills built with Jovo. This will enable you to send notifications to your users both from inside your Alexa Skill as well as outside of a session.

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Kaan Kilic, you mentioned this in your excellent writeup. Thanks. “e.g. we won’t go over the steps explaining how you might set up an AWS Lambda function, which gets executed as soon as there is a weather alert”

Can you please point me to any reference that addresses setting up a AWS Lambda function to execute these proactive events API at specific times?

Appreciate it.


When I send a asynchronous response to EVENTS GATEWAY I receive a success response but alexa is NOT VOICING out anything ! is this normal?

How do I send an asynchronous response through events gateway and make alexa spell out the message? Is this possible?