Unit Testing: What syntax to use, how the access objects of the app and how to check for calling another intent




I wanted to use the jovo build in testing but it just feels like it’s only to test responses (speech and templating). I tryed to access objects, variables etc of the app (to check if an intent would change their value as expected) but was never able to get it running nor the acutally access them.

Also I wanted to know where to find the current syntax for the assertions
Cause the documentation and the sample test on Github are using response.isAsk() oder isTell() druing the docs are given some different commands e.g. getSpeech().

Is there an option to check if a redirect to a diffrent intent, talking about return this.toIntent('intentName');, was done? I mean propably you could try to spy on intentName but I wanted to know if there is an official way. Even then how do i spy on a registered handler? Do I have to spy on the getConfig().handlers of the baseApp?

Maybe I’m just to stupid but it feels like I don’t get any further that’s why I’m asking for help here. Sorry if these are stupid questions