Using Jovo with webstorm


does anyone know if I can add the @types to JetBrains webstorm so the I stop getting linting errors while I’m coding and language hints as well.


Hey Carly!
I’m using PhpStorm and I don’t get any errors. What type of errors do you get (Screenshot?)


@alexSwe: Hi great PHPStorm should have similar but NOT the same hinting / linting. Normally if there is not language reference (in WebStorm, great for node and typescript dev work) you would get and unresolved variable warning (in some cases a build may fail because of this, but that seem not to be the case with Jovo) to fix this normally one would go to the IDE preferences and under language and frameworks load the required files reboot the program an voila it all works. I did this for the jest testing suite and works fine… the does not seem to be an @types to load for Jovo. I’ll send you some screen captures.



Sorry for the late reply

Do have the <projectName>/node_modules item selected?