Validation StopIntent


i dont know why, when i tell stop podcast, it trigger an error "there have issue with answer skill "

   SemaineIntent() {
        // The above method calls need to be before play()
        .play(semaineAudio, 'token')

PauseIntent() {

    // Save offset to database
    this.$user.$data.offset = this.$alexaSkill.$audioPlayer.getOffsetInMilliseconds();
    this.tell('d\'accord !');
ResumeIntent() {
        .play(WeekendAudio, 'token')
        .tell('je reprends !');
CancelIntent() {


Mate as I told you yesterday: Take a look into the (cloudwatch or whatever you are deploying at) logs

Logs are always you best friend. Btw this error will always be desribed in the logs


When in my an audit by alexa, it return very much log.
but log are not set when we use Jovo webhook.


You can see the logs in your terminal/command line.