Virtual alexa or jest



is duplicate with jest ?

i wish make regression test offline, and guess if possible with virtual alexa and jovo ?


Hey @Sylvain_P. Jovo offers its own unit testing framework that is based on Jest:

I haven’t played a lot with Virtual Alexa in the last few months, so I can’t really talk much about the differences.


i think, it not need to start server on port 3000 for test and so it very fast


You can use this, then you don’t have to do jovo run:

const conversation = testSuite.conversation({
    runtime: "app"

const launchRequest = await testSuite.requestBuilder.launch();

const responseLaunchRequest = await conversation.send(launchRequest);

  responseLaunchRequest.isAsk('Hello World! What\'s your name?', 'Please tell me your name.')


thanks you , it’s work fine.
can you tell me in which case use port(jovo run) for testing ?
it’s seems very slow to build each time


It was the first version of unit testing in the framework. You can use both ways. But as you said, it’s faster with runtime: app :slight_smile: