Where find tutorial for nested state intent?


I would like to learn how to do this flow.

alexa : i suggest “xyz”, do you want detail ?
user : yes
alexa : for “xyz” here detail “lorem ipsum …”

other case:
user: no
alexa: i suggest another “ppp”, do you want detail ?


How to redirect on new Intent ( detailIntent) ? and come back after



Use the SpeechBuilder and add the text to emit of the getDetail-Intent to the SpeechBuilder
use this.$speech.addT(<getDetailIntentText>) for i18n else use this.$speech.addText(<getDetailIntentText>)

Then instead of actually emitting this text redirect to nextIntent.
Here you can attach the text of this intent to the SpeechBuilder (prop should add a ssml breaktime) this.$speech.addT(<nextIntentText>)

Then emit the complete Text of the SpeechBuilder this.tell(this.$speech);

See more details here


i dont get why it resolve my issue ?


States are explained in this step of the “Adventure Game” course: https://www.jovo.tech/courses/project-2-adventure-game/step-5-introduction-to-states