Where to save and how to run Gactions CLI?


Hi All,

I’m having trouble with GActions CLI.

Ive tried editing my Pathe enviroment variables using:

None of these seem to work.
I get the following error.

× Deploying Conversational Action
» Error: There was a problem:
» [ERR] Command failed: gactions push --consumer jovo-cli
» ‘gactions’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
» operable program or batch file.

Can anyone help me as to where i’m going wrong?


Solved it - just needed a restart for the environment variables
to kick in


Did you restart the whole OS? I think restarting CMD/PowerShell/Windows Terminal is sufficient.


I just restarted the whole computer and it worked great.

So for windows users:

  1. just search for Enviroment Variables your bottom left search bar > edit enviroment variables > enviroment variables.

  2. In the system variables select PATH and then NEW.

  3. Add your path to the gactions, see above example. Then perform a RESTART.

Hope this helps anyone searching for this answer. :slight_smile: