Action Builder clear Slot before next scene



Hi everyone,

Is it possible to clear the slot values and slotFillingStatus with jovo and how?


What is the right approach to use the slot filling in google action builder?
I’m running into a problem that the slots are still filled after the transition to my new scene where I want to gather other slots. There the condition “if scene.slots.status == “FINAL”” is true and doesn’t enter the rest of the scene.

I configured my scene like in the example from Google: The Jungle Escape

When they transition from the condition to the scene, they call a function in the webhook to clear all params. I think that’s their trick that in the next scene it doesn’t fullfill the first slot condition. Or do I miss something else?

 * Clears params
 * @param {obj} conv, the conversation object.
 function clearParams(conv) {
  for (const key in conv.session.params) {
    conv.session.params[key] = null;

I tried:
this.setSessionAttribute('riveranimal', null);
scene.slotFillingStatus = 'UNSPECIFIED';
delete scene.slots.riveranimal;

it seems like, the action holds its own slot value and ignores everything I do in the jovo webhook.

Right now I work with this workaround, at least with that, I come into the scene:
scene.slots.status == “FINAL” && session.params.riveranimal != “hippo”

Thank you for your help



Yes, we might need a helper method here. Could you provide the language model? So I can set this up at my environment easily



unfortunately I just changed it yesterday into another working structure.
But I liked it better before.
I’ll try to recreate it today and can send you the language model.
Do you need the jovo language model?



I tried to make a backup of my action before I recreate my other approach.
But the jovo build -p googleAction --reverse gives me some errors back:

Building language model platform model
Reversing model files
× en
→ Cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined
» Error: There was a problem:
» TypeError: Cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined

When I remember correctly, this Bug is already in work. So it has to wait until that :slight_smile: