APL and Google Assistant Support for Jovo Debugger


It would be cool if the Jovo Debugger would also be able to display APL as well as any Google Templates (for example also Option Items).

It takes a lot of time to get everything working when you always have to deploy the code to be able to test it in the Actions Console or the Alexa Developer Console or even need CloudPlattform or CloudWatch to debug (for example when having a clickable List/ Option Item List to get the ON_ELEMENT_SELECTED Intent working).

That makes development quite slow when one adapt everything piece by piece resulting in lots of deployments for testing… being able to test it in the debugger would save so much time and I also like it way more then the plattform specific testing consoles


Thanks for the suggestion @H1Gerd!

Yes, this makes a lot of sense. However, implementing all of APL’s details in HTML & CSS can be quite a task. This is why we haven’t tackled it yet. Definitely something for the future, though.

When you talk about deployment: Do you mean “platform” deployment (like updating the Alexa Skill or Actions on Google project), or “code” deployment (like uploading to AWS Lambda)? If you mean the latter: Did you know that you can use your Jovo Webhook URL as endpoint e.g. in the Alexa Developer Console? So you could test in the Alexa testing tab (or on a device with screen) while still keeping the advantages of local development. Or am I missing something that wouldn’t work otherwise?


Yeah I can imagine that it’s a big step to implement that. But cool to see that comming in the future!

Actually both. But you’re right - I completly forgot about that. Maybe I should implement a dev stage to get it going as you say. Thanks for the tip :wink:


Oh yes! Here are a few examples: