Auto-training models using session entities on Dialogflow




Does anyone know how I can auto-train my dialogflow engine so that new, detected entities can get automatically added to my synonyms list?

For example, my users say the phrase, “Tag my Uber charges as business,” frequently. Sometimes the business gets heard as Christmas (weird I know). So hoping that everytime there’s a hiccup like this, the model can add similar utterances, like Christmas, as synonyms for business.

As of now I’m doing this manually. Wondering if there’s an automated way using Dialogflow. Thanks!


Hi @Jaimin_Desai, welcome to the Jovo community :wave:

I think this is a tricky one because usually cases like this require labeling, otherwise the engine wouldn’t know that “christmas” is supposed to be understood as “business.” And if we relied on a fully automated way, I think this could be error prone. After all, the user could’ve meant something completely different with “christmas.”