Briefing tool to voice flow


Hi all!
How do you work to manage and validate the briefing that comes from someone who writes the flows/texts and the developer who code it?

My issue is about how to validate if the flows are valid and cover all intents of users on that action/skill.

Do you have a kind of template of must have intents or a mind manager app that helps to flow through the intents and validate before start coding?

For many times we code and only then realize that there are some missing intents or even that some are not too good.

I think it will help to price it correctly too, I´m right?

Thank you!


Hey @rrubini, welcome to the Jovo Community :wave:

There is no one clear solution yet (I don’t think there will ever be), but currently most people use one of the below to hand-off a VUI design to development:

  • Flow charts: Still require some work to translate the different nodes to intents and utterances. Reprompts get missed often
  • Sample scripts: I’m a fan of these, as they are easier to communicate. They come with similar challenges though
  • Other design tools focused on voice, e.g. Voiceflow, Botmock. Requires more to set up, but you could export the existing language model. For example, there is a Botmock to Jovo export:

These all don’t really include validation. What we have done in the past is write unit tests that test against the sample scripts.


Hi Jan!

Thanks for your reply.
There’s two main reasons for my question.
First about how to price the solution so I thought it could more precise if I can barely preview the intents and paths through them. So an VUI tool can fit well for it.
Second is really to test it accurately. I’m gonna check your suggestions!

Again, thank you for your time and support.


Howdy, @rrubini!

We built Voxable to be the kind of tool you’re describing. I’m always happy to schedule a walkthrough.