Creating new skill and Lambda Function with V4 without Serverless Framework?



I’m trying to use the V4 documentation to create a new skill, and also a new Lambda function, and use that function to power the skill. I’ve been working with the jovo deploy:code serverless command, and I notice that this creates an entire serverless application, with cloudformation, etc.

Is it possible to just simply create a Lambda function, use that ARN in my Alexa skill, and use the Jovo CLI to deploy that Javascript, as is, to Lambda?

I just want to keep it simpler, and my code in Lambda seems to be bundled like an HTML web page, maybe I’m missing something, but I would like a simpler solution to just coding my Lambda function locally, and deploying to Lambda with the jovo CLI.




Haven’t used v4 yet, but in v3 I currently deploy to zip, then manually upload that zipfile into my lambda.

In theory v3 can be set up to deploy to lambda, after configuring Amazon’s commandline tool (ask) so it knows which lambda you’re currently working with. So I presume that v4 has similar ability to upload to the lambda automagically as part of deploy, but I don’t know what the syntax would be.


Currently, we don’t offer any other integrations.

Would be an interesting community contribution if someone wants to tackle this.