[Docs] Google Transactions


Learn how to sell digital and physical goods in your Google Actions by using Google Transactions.

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Is Integrating with Android SDK still required? The Jovo documentation contains the following line:

* Add <uses-permission android:name="com.android.vending.BILLING" /> to the AndroidManifest.xml file


However, I see no mention of Android Manifest in Google Documentation:


Does anyone from the Jovo team have clarity on this?


Getting an error when I try to pull the subscription using this.$googleAction.$transaction.getSubscriptions(“sku”)

"Error: getSkus needs the Android App package name"

Looks like I’m getting caught in

if (!this.googleAssistant.config.transactions || !this.googleAssistant.config.transactions.androidPackageName) {
        throw new jovo_core_1.JovoError('getSkus needs the Android App package name', jovo_core_1.ErrorCode.ERR, 'jovo-platform-googleassistant');

Seems like I need to include something in the config file but not exactly sure what or where. I can make a separate post about this if need be but seemed relevant


hello, did you find a solution to config problem? I’m trying to implement Digital Goods transactions too, and got stuck here as well.