[Docs] Unit Testing for Voice Apps


To make sure your Alexa Skills and Google Actions are robust, we highly recommend testing. Learn how to implement unit tests for your voice apps built with Jovo.

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You can only use i18n keys:

const conversation = testSuite.conversation({ locale: 'keys-only' });

if you don’t also include in your config.js:

    i18n: {
        fallbackLng: 'en-US'


Ah thank you. Yes, this makes sense and should be added to the docs


I wrote a unit test for a case where the skill is accessing the jovo context via jovo.$user.$context.prev[0].request.state. In the test db file I can see that the $context.prev object is set correctly:

However: the test fails because prev is undefined. I can see in the debugger that at this moment the $user.$context Object only contains the constructor. Is there something I am doing wrong or is the tmp fileDB not set correctly for testing?
Thanks again =)


Hey, in my unit tests I used conversation.$user.$data.key = value; to set user data. This works fine for Alexa. However in the unit test for GoogleAssistant the user data is undefined. Here is a link to a repository, where I edited the HelloWorld template in order to reproduce the error: https://github.com/LeonardMF/jovo-sample-test


Hey @LeonardMF thank you for the sample code. It made it really easy to reproduce.

I found a bug in the GoogleActionRequest class. It’s fixed and I will publish the fix later this week.


Thank you, @AlexSwe . Just let me know, when it is published :slightly_smiling_face:


Done. (random text to get to the 20 characters.)