Get SkillId/Project ID - Jovo 4



For my application, I need to retrieve the SkillId for my Alexa Skill and the Project Id for my Google Action in the code, how can I do it on Jovo 4?
I found this old topic: Take ID of the skill/actions from database/server , I’d like to be able to do the same with Jovo 4
For example, I tried in my Google Action to set the endpoint like suggested “{...}?projectId=test” but using “this.$googleAssistant.getProjectId()” I can’t retrieve that value.

Could you please help me figuring out how to retrieve that info for both Alexa and Google Action? Thanks in advance


There are no project helper methods in v4 yet.

One suggestion: You could use env variables for that.


Hi @AlexSwe, thanks for your answer

Anyway, I’d need to retrieve the SkillID (and Project ID for google) dynamically because I have more skills that call the same endpoint. Depending on which skill called the endpoint I need to retrieve different data from a database, any suggestion on how I can achieve that if I can’t access the Skill ID or Project ID in the code directly?


I managed to get the alexa Skill ID using:

Still no luck with the Action Project ID


Where do you run/host your Jovo app? On Lambda?

For Alexa you can retrieve the skill id from the request.

For GoogleAssistant I would recommend adding a query param ?projectId=abc to the url
You can reach it via const projectId = this.$handleRequest.server.getRequestHeaders()['projectId'];


My bad, it’s getQueryParams

const projectId = this.$handleRequest.server.getQueryParams()['projectId'];