Getting user email address in google action



Hi there,
how can I get the users email address in a google action?
works fine for the names, but can’t find anything for mail address.
Thanks for any hint, greets jefff


Hi, welcome to the Jovo Community Forum! :wave:

There’s no very easy way to get the user’s email adress in a Google Action, similar to how you would get their name, or contact details ins Alexa Skills.

Instead, you will have to use account linking. Here’s a neat tutorial by @Kaan_Kilic on how to do that:

Hope that helps!


I found that using google sign in was a bit easier to set up:

Not exactly easy, just easier than the Auth0 route.


hello @natrixx - Have you implemented Google Sign-In using Jovo framework inside the same app? I’d like to implement Google Sign-In using Jovo framework, but not sure if it’s possible?

UPDATE: yes it’s possible, here’s how: Google Sign-In in Jovo