Global persistence data storage




I am currently developing a skill that uses amazon pay. I already tested the setup and charge directive and they work as expected.

Now, to make a charge i need an authorizationReferenceId(not optional) to send in the directive. I can use lower case and upper case letters, numbers, dash or underscore. Also it’s max length is 32.

After reading this i though i’d just use a numerical sequence, but, i need to store this sequence without relating it to any user.

Is this possible with Jovo and the data management tool that it uses? Can i store this reference persistently without relating it to any user??
I know that with this.$ would allow me to save it, but if we restart the skill for any update that number would be lost, right??

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hey @Jesus_Mazzei!

Jovo database integrations are always user related right now. In your case you need to add a separate database connection to persist the data.

And yes, you’re right. this.$app.$data is not the right solution here.

Which database do you use?


Hey @AlexSwe !

We are planning on using DynamoDB. I have never used it without Jovo methods, i will have to check on that.