Google Action Builder - Media Status



Hi everyone, I have some doubts about the media status in Google Action builder.
In jovo I set the stop in app.js like this:
‘GoogleAction.Stopped’ (){
var progress = this. $ googleAction. $ mediaResponse.getProgress ()
console.log (‘Progress:’ + progress);
console.log (‘GoogleAction.Stopped’);
this.tell (‘Goodbye’);
In google action builder I have set the system intent “MEDIA_STATUS_STOPPED”: set as global intent and which calls the webhook.
But when the user says STOP the action replies “Goodbye” but the audio continues to go. To stop it, I have to say STOP again.
How can i set the media staus to give me the progress information but work properly?



Hi Ire, states:

During media playback, a user might provide a query that can be interpreted as both a media pause and stop event (like "stop", "cancel", or "exit"). In that situation, Assistant provides the actions.intent.CANCEL system intent to your Action, generates a media status event with the "STOPPED" status value, and exits your Action completely.

When Assistant generates a media status event with the PAUSED or STOPPED status value, respond with a media response that contains only an acknowledgement (of type MEDIA_STATUS_ACK).

So you cannot use a tell() in the GoogleAction.Stopped Handler. You can only get the progress here and acknowledge the event.

There is a bug at the moment with Google Home Mini that is not sending the events: