Google assistant conv - Unit Test



Are unit tests implemented for new Jovo + Google Assistant Conversations package?

Our team is getting errors on 100% of tests using jovo-platform-googleassistantconv

Our team is getting 100% success of tests when we remove the package.

Any tips on implementing unit tests for Google Assistant Conversation?

Package: jovo-platform-googleassistantconv

Error Message:

Example Unit Test:

for (const p of [new GoogleAssistant()]) {
  const testSuite = p.makeTestSuite();

  describe(`PLATFORM: ${} INTENTS`, () => {
    test('should return emotional response at emotional check-in', async () => {
      const conversation = testSuite.conversation({ runtime: 'app' });
      const emotionalIntentRequest = await testSuite.requestBuilder.intent('EmotionalCheckInIntent',{EMOTION: 'confident'});
      const responseEmotionalIntentRequest = await conversation.send(emotionalIntentRequest);
      expect(responseEmotionalIntentRequest.isTell("Awesome! You gave a great appearance-based emotion. It's really good to focus on your appearance.")).toBe(true);


According to @AlexSwe unit tests for Google Assistant Conversations have not yet been implemented.