Google Assistant dialog conversation with Jovo framework (version 2.0)


I need help in the dialog conversation in google assistant basically in… (getting the entities entered by the user/checking for the slot values/confirmation of slot/filling the elicit slot) Unable to find the functions in jovo-framework… Can anyone direct me to the tutorial/solution for the above.


Here you can find an example as a jovo course.

You can access slots in jovo with this.$inputs.YOUR_SLOT_NAME.value.
I like to add a .toLowerCase(); to make sure i don’t have to 100% match the spelling in terms of uppercase slots etc

So giving you an example of checking a slot value in my code:

let slotValue = this.$inputs.explanation.value.toLowerCase();
if (slotValue !== undefined) {
if (slotValue === “test” || slotValue === “test1” || slotValue === “test2” || slotValue === “test3”) {
// Do Sth