Google Reprompts not working



I’m not getting any reprompts for google assistant. Working fine for Alexa.
This is what Im using:
this.ask(this.$speech, this.$reprompt);

Looks like it has a noInputPrompt but it doesn’t work when I use it on a device.

“payload”: {
“google”: {
“expectUserResponse”: true,
“richResponse”: {
“items”: [
“simpleResponse”: {
“ssml”: “Good to see you back on farm tycoon,<break time=“0.5s”/>There’s much work to do,Decisions await. Are they going to be wise? Let’s go. Demand for meat has been affected by recent fad diets. Do you market our products as gluten-free?”
“htmlResponse”: {
“url”: “canvasLaunch.html”,
“updatedState”: {
“state”: “LaunchIntent”,
“text”: “”,
“bgImage”: “bg_opening.png”
“noInputPrompts”: [
“ssml”: “Do you market our products as gluten-free?”
“userStorage”: “{“userId”:”"}"


Hey @h0psing, welcome to the Jovo Community :wave:

Which device are you testing with?