Handle the live broadcast of a radio



I would like to know if it was possible to stop and resume listening to a radio live at the precise moment when the listening was interrupted and not with the actual live broadcast of the radio


You can add a start offset time for static audio files, but I don’t think it’s possible for streams/broadcast audio.


I suspected it, thanks for the reply


The way you’d have to do it is to somehow record the live broadcast from the point at which the user stops playback and then re-call that recording when they resume. You’d need to continue recording as long as the users resume session is active so they can continue listening for as long as they want. You could in theory use S3 perhaps to store the recording?


Is it possible to use Wowza with DVR functionality used for this purpose? For example with this url I can specify the timestamp because we do what you said from server but the audio doesn’t start