Hosting on Facebook Messenger bot on AWS Lambda



I’m trying to host my code on AWS Lambda but I’m having some difficulties with the callback URL on Facebook. I have attached some images that may be helpful in making sense of the issue. Essentially, I’m using the DialogflowNlu package. Hence, I’m not putting my url in the Dialogflow fulfillment but rather the Facebook callback url section. Unfortunately, I’m not able to verify my lambda API url through facebook. I’m not sure as to why. I’ve attached images of the facebook callback url error, the index.js file, and the initializations in the app.js file. If anything else is needed, feel free to ask.


Verification needs an endpoint that handles GET requests. How did you setup the API Gateway?


Here’s the setup. Not too familiar with it so let me know if I’m missing anything.



it looks like you set the wrong callback URL on Facebook.

The URL should point to the same endpoint your Jovo-App is living at. When ‘ANY’ is set, ‘GET’ does not necessarily have to be added.

It looks like the URL should be something like {lambda_url}/default/Plaza.

Also, make sure that the API Gateway is a REST API and not an HTTP API, I’ve had problems with that in the past.

Hopefully, this helps you.