How to use built-in entities with Snips-NLU


"inputs": [
    "name": "dealercity",
    "type": {
      "alexa": "AMAZON.City",
      "dialogflow": "@sys.geo-city",
      "???": "snips/city"

What would i have to enter for “???” here?


I got a step further, but now i’m getting this:

FileNotFoundError: No data found for the 'snips/city' builtin entity in language
 'en'. You must download the corresponding resources by running 'python -m snips
_nlu download-entity snips/city en' before you can use this builtin entity.

Unfortunately executing that command fails, because the SSL certificate for has expired, and even when ignoring that, the dowload fails. I think Snips-NLU is dead and i wasted 2 days on this :frowning:


I was able to download snips_nlu_en-0.2.3.tar.gz and snips_nlu_city_en-0.2.0.tar.gz manually, but i don’t know how to install them. Based on the directory structure of their content it’s not obvious what to do. Does anyone have an idea?

I also did ask this on the snips github page, but as the project seems to be dead, i’ll try my luck here, too.