Hello Everyone, I am facing one issue while implementing the END Intent like when I am using END intent to give the last response if the user says utterances such as Stop, Exit, Cancel, Quit which is the default or global intents and I am also able to do that but the same thing I have tested in mobile based google assistant through google home app it’s not working, it’s coming out of the session without any response. Please help ?


Don’t know If that’s your problem but when I show a Card on Google Assistant when terminating a Session it terminates with an error. So as far as I figured out showing a card on the intent that quits a session doesn’t work for google actions

Otherwise, take a look in your cloudwatch logs or console on whatever you deployed your code


Thanks for the response. Yes you are saying correct it’s ending the session with a error in google simulator for that I have implemented the END intent mentioned in jovo documentation, and after implementation I have seen that instead of that error I am returning some response. And this response I am able to see in google simulator but I am unable to see that response in google action in mobile phone or google mini device also.


We’re currently investigating this. Seems like the actions_intent_CANCEL event was removed by Google


Ok, Thanks. If you will get something please let me know.


Is there anything else which I can use to give the last response when the user give utterances like stop, exit, quit ?