inputTypes validation


I have created a new input type called “customTipologiaInputType” with some values in it (as shown here)

"name": "customTipologiaInputType",
		"values": [
				"value": "traghetto",
				"synonyms": [
				"value": "aliscafo"

But it turns out that there is no validation on that values: users can say everything they want on that input and the skill will go on accepting everything (not just traghetto and aliscafo).

How can I limit inputs to have that values and not arbitrary one?

Thank you!


Hey @mrgingles, this sounds like something went wrong with Alexa training with your specified language model. What you could try is to either further limit your input values by providing more example values, or you could try our yet unannounced feature Input Validation. I’d recommend using the ValidValuesValidator for this one. Keep in mind, that this feature is still work in progress.


I checked my alexa developer console and everything seems to be set as should. However I implemented the “input validation” method (because I need an equivalent of Alexa’s “Slot Filling” - it looks like there is no support for it yet in Jovo)

Everything is working, but the problem is that, after I get a validation error and ask the user to input the correct value, the user is forced to say "DA " but it would be more natural to say just “”. “da” is the input I checked for and that is invalid or missing.
The question I ask to the user is something like “where are you leaving from?” and now the user is forced to say “from ischia” and not just “ischia” in order to have it working.

So I added a followUpState to the ask method and created some intents inside it with the words I’m expecting the user could say (let’s say “Ischia”)

Here is my follow up state code:
‘selectFromState’: {
ischiaIntent() {
console.log(’------- ISCHIA INTENT ----------’);
this.$inputs.da.value = “ischia”;
return this.toIntent(‘TrovaCorsaIntent’);

But this does not work. Is this limited just to YES/NO intents? If so, how can I solve my problem?

Thank you!


“because I need an equivalent of Alexa’s “Slot Filling”

Is it going to be an Alexa-only voice app?


No, it isn’t. I was just taking Alexa as example, but it will be both Alexa and Google.


I checked the docs you linked and this it what I’m looking for, but it should work on both google assistant and alexa. What is the best solution to get this kind of result?

Thank you!