Jovo client web Unhandled error at peechSynthesisUtterance.synthesis.e.onerror (SpeechSynthesizer.ts:170)


Can someone help me please. Im trying to implement jovo client web and i got this error when i call this enpoint:
client.createRequest({ type: RequestType.Text, body: text }).send();

Request and response are ok


The SpeechRecognizerEvent error is “not-allowed”.

    recognition.onerror = (err: any) => {
      if (err.error === 'aborted') {
      this.emit(SpeechRecognizerEvent.Error, err);


Hello there,

thanks for reporting a potential bug.

It looks like your OS or browser is blocking your microphone from being used.

‘not-allowed’ is only emitted if the user-agent disallows any input capturing. For more information take a look here:

Please make sure that the website and OS have permissions to use your microphone.

Another possible reason is, that the app is not on localhost and therefore requires https.

Another thing I can imagine is, that the app is wrapped in an iframe. In that case you will have to pass allow=“microphone”.

I sadly could not reproduce the issue but we’ve had a similar error with a laptop which had limited permissions.