Jovo deploy google assistant fail



Hello all, I’m trying to deploy a voice app to google assistant using the following command jovo deploy:platform googleAssistant --stage dev.

Before running the deploy command, I’m building the project without any issues

However the deploy fails with the following error:

 › Command failed: gactions push --consumer jovo-cli
 ›  [ERROR] io: read/write on closed pipe

This is how I have the GoogleAssistanCli set up in the jovo.project.js

new GoogleAssistantCli({
 projectId: 'my-project-id',
 locales: {
   'en-US': ['en', 'en-US'],
   'es-ES': ['es'. 'es-ES']
endpoint: '${JOVO_WEBHOOK_URL}',
resourcesDirectory: 'resources',
files: {
  'settings/settings.yaml': {
     localizedSettings: {
        displayName: 'My google assistant app dev',

Does anybody has any idea about what could be the issue?


Here’s a video that involves Google Assistant deployment that might be helpful: