`jovo.$send` is not sending outputs


Using Jovo v4.0.0

jovo.$send() is not sending any outputs. It is sending outputs for the first time, but on subsequent calls, it is not.

Below if the first output. I can see a welcome message and available options along with 2 quick replies.

But when I call jovo.$send() once user clicks any of the quick reply, no output is returned.

I should be able to see ‘manikanta’ text as output.

Can someone please help if I am missing something? I’m using jovo.$send instead of this.$send as I will not have the component reference in my util methods, but only jovo reference. I think jovo reference will not change from request to request and thus I’ve stored the jovo reference in an instance variable.


So, the issue is resolved by using this instead of cached jovo instance.