keyFile - Google Assistant Transactions



I am working on Google Digital Subscriptions.

Currently, I have implemented the following code in my LAUNCH function:

    const subscriptions = await this.$googleAction.$transaction.getSubscriptions("subscriptionID")

I am receiving the following error:
Please add a valid keyFile object to the GoogleAssistant transaction config

I found this snippet in Jovo Examples.

Where do we find keyFile.json?


What is this keyfile?

I do not see any mention of it in Jovo docs.


I may have found the answer on Google Assistant Docs:

  1. In the Actions console, click the three dots icon in the upper-right corner, then Project settings.
  2. Find your Action’s Project ID .
  3. Follow this link, replacing " <project_id> " with your project’s ID:
  4. In the main navigation, go to Credentials .
  5. On the page that appears, click Create credentials , then Service account key .
  6. Go to Service Account , and click New Service Account .
  7. Give the service account a name like digitaltransactions.
  8. Click Create .
  9. Set the Role to Project > Owner .
  10. Click Continue .
  11. Click Create Key .
  12. Select the JSON key type.
  13. Click Create key and download the JSON service account key.

Giving this a try now…


Take a look at the official Google Docs: Create a digital goods API key