NextIntent and Previous Intent AudioPlayer


Alexa request to implement NextIntent And Previous for AudioPlayer.
But i have only one file. Is it possible to disable this ?


Hello @Sylvain_P,

I understand it is confusing if it is only one file however the AudioPlayer Interfaces requires to handle those built-in intents. Please take a look at this

You will see something like:

  • Implement the required built-in intents for pausing and resuming audio. Adding the AudioPlayer interface to your skill automatically adds these required intents to your model:
    • AMAZON.PauseIntent
    • AMAZON.ResumeIntent

In addition to the required built-in intents, your skill should gracefully handle the following additional built-in intents:

  • AMAZON.CancelIntent
  • AMAZON.LoopOffIntent
  • AMAZON.LoopOnIntent
  • AMAZON.NextIntent
  • AMAZON.PreviousIntent
  • AMAZON.RepeatIntent
  • AMAZON.ShuffleOffIntent
  • AMAZON.ShuffleOnIntent
  • AMAZON.StartOverIntent

I hope this solves your doubts.