OpenNLUData Web App for building NLU training data


Hi All,
coming out of a discussion with Joshua Montgomery of Mycroft, I’ve put together a tool for building natural language training data.

Currently it reads and writes JOVO/Mycroft and RASA format files.
Offers the option to publish skills into the github repository under an MIT license.
Only a sample of skills at this stage, hoping some folks out there will share their training data. Big diverse training data sets are key to good ML models.

Hope it’s useful




Pretty cool! Thanks for making this and adding Jovo support @Steve_Ryan :tada: I like how community members can make their types and intents available. Chatted about this a few weeks ago on Twitter:

For the Jovo Model format, did you see this repo?

It supports Rasa, Dialogflow, LUIS, Alexa, NLP.js, and more. We were thinking about adding a UI to this but haven’t gotten around to it yet.