Purpose of different directories - `build`, `bundle`, `dist`




Can someone please clarify the purpose of the directories: build, bundle, dist. They all sound like for the same purpose. I mean, which command generates in which directory and purpose of it.



I don’t have a build directory in my project.

dist, for me, is output from typescript compilation stage.This avoids generating the .js.map and .d.ts files back into src.

bundle is created by the jovo deploy process.


Thank you @keshlam. @manikanta is referencing Jovo v4, which has a build folder (previously called platforms in v3).

  • build: Files generated by the build command. This usually includes project files for platforms like Alexa or Google Assistant (which are then deployed to the platform developer consoles using the deploy command)
  • bundle: Generated by using the npm script npm run bundle:<stage>, usually as part of the deploy:code command
  • dist: Files generated by the TypeScript compiler


@jan Thanks. This is very helpful.