Slack not working with Version 3.2.0



Hi Jovo Team,
we loved the slack error plugin because it gave us easy possibilities to extend the class (for example to add custom fields, change colors etc). After the last release the public instance methods createErrorLog and createSessionEndedLog moved from public to static privat. Could you please set them to proteced?


@jan is this possible? :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Andre. This package is managed by @Kaan_Kilic who isn’t able to make an update this week. I think the best option is to roll back the update or copy the plugin files into your code base and make the changes yourself


Hi @jan, next week would be perfect. We will stay at version 3.1.0 till then. I just wanted to know if this is ok with you. :ok_hand:


hi @jan, did you make progress on this? Thanks =)


Sorry for the delay. Had a couple of busy weeks. I will update and deploy on Monday.


Thanks @Kaan_Kilic, your changes are working for us!
I got some additional questions:

  1. is there a reason why the plugins is accessing its config via a fixes string like:
  • const pluginConfig = jovo.$app.$plugins.get('SlackErrorPlugin')!.config as IConfig;
    instead of accessing it directly via this.config?
  • I am momentously mirroring our inheriting slack plugin to the to the map to make this work (although this does not feel like the cleanest way)
  1. Could the plugin mark each method as protected which is creating logs? Enhancing getBaseLog would be great too.