This.$inputs in GoogleHandler return {}



 async choice() {

        console.log(‘Siamo entrati qui radioChoice Selezione Radio’);

        var radioChoice = this.$; //here the $inputs return in log {}

        await this.selezioneRadio(radioChoice, 1);




      “name”: “choice”,

      “phrases”: [


        “mettere {radio}”,

        “metti {radio}”,

        “ascoltare {radio}”,

        “ascolta {radio}”,

        “riprodurre {radio}”,

        “riproduci {radio}”,

        “sintonizzarsi {radio}”,

        “ascoltare un podcast”,

        “ascolta un podcast”,

        “sintonizza {radio}”


      “inputs”: [


          “name”: “radio”,

          “type”: {

            “alexa”: “AMAZON.Movie”,

            “googleAssistant”: “actions.type.FreeText”





Yesterday everything was working, now the input is empty, in the JSON response now I have
“handler”: {
“name”: “Jovo”
“intent”: {
“name”: “choice”,
“params”: {},
“query”: “Radio 4. Zero”
“scene”: {
“name”: “actions.scene.START_CONVERSATION”,
“slotFillingStatus”: “UNSPECIFIED”,
“slots”: {}

If the query is not empty, and the intent is called, why it doesn’t work?


I’m not sure, but maybe this was happening because I had 1 sentence that was the same in 2 different intent’s “phrases”, is it possible?


Yes, that could be possible.


Thank you