[Tutorial] Create a StopIntent for Google Assistant with Dialogflow


By default, Google Assistant immediately exits the app when a user says things like "exit", "cancel", or "stop". If you want to return a last response, you need to override this default behavior. Read on to learn how it works.

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looks like the cancel event is not working anymore. It is not suggested as dialogflow event anymore and not working if entered manually (see here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52574314/actions-intent-cancel-not-working-as-expected). I was able to use a usual stop intent by simply adding phrase like “Stop” and “Exit”.


Thanks @Andre. So it would probably make sense to just remove this tutorial? This was a pretty short one, too.


@jan well… I think the Stop problematic for googleAction is important - so I wouldn’t delete it.
My test cases covered different aspects:

  1. dialogflow event only:
  • “Stop” -> leave skill with earcon sound -> no last intent
  • “Verlassen” -> Unhandled
  1. Dialogflow event + extra phrases like “Stop” and “Verlassen”:
  • “Stop” -> leave skill with earcon sound -> no last intent
  • “Verlassen” -> StopIntent with answer
  1. extra phrases like “Stop” and “Verlassen” only:
  • like test case two

So it looks like there is an event like “cancel” you have to register for -> because each utterance which could be mapped to this event is not usable in the language model (“abbrechen”, “stop”). I would like to solve this because without an Stop Event Plugins like the GoogleAnalytics Plugin are not able to close sessions appropriate.