[Tutorial] How to Extend Built-in Slots with the Jovo Language Model


Learn how to extend Alexa built-in slots like AMAZON.US_CITY and Dialogflow system entities like @sys.geo-city-us with the Jovo Language Model.

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{ “inputTypes”: [ { “name”: “US_CITY”, “alexa”: “AMAZON.US_CITY”, “dialogflow”: “@sys.geo-city-us”, “values”: [ { “value”: “new city” } ] } ] }

Instead of specifying values there, can I provide a dictionary, csv file there as I want to extend a built-in slot with around 100K examples.


You could write a small script that creates the JSON file you want.


Thanks, also I am not sure but I think there might be a bug :
Suppose I wish to extend @sys.person and AMAZON.Person, and I name the type as name_type.
Then after putting some values and building the model, in googleAction/entities/name_type.json the name is @sys.person due to which an error gets thrown. I change it manually after building the model.