[Tutorial] How to set up Account Linking for Google Actions with Auth0 and Jovo


In this guide, we will show you how to set up Account Linking for your Google Assistant App with the help of Auth0, a service for developers to authorize and authenticate users. You won't have to run your own OAuth 2.0 server and deal with security issues. Let's walk through the process of Google Action Account Linking together in simple steps.

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FYI, the Google Action Account Linking link under “Popular Tutorials” on the sidebar doesn’t take you to this article. Same with the Alexa one. I had to use Google to find this :slight_smile:


Thank you! Fixed it :+1:


Hi there, I do not use the Jovo framework, but you wrote a great article and decided to use it …

I did everything step by step, but I came across a mistake.
I have created such a code

but despite the fact, that the window for logging in was displayed and the user has been correctly logged in to the auth0.com panel (I can see it there) there is information that the user could not be logged in correctly (error 401).

Do you know what may be the reason? I will be grateful for any advice.


Something went wrong.

I follow every step from the article and everything work fine.

However, when come to the last setup - account linking. It show “Sorry, something went wrong, so I couldn’t sign you in. But you can try again later.” in the Google Assistant.

May I have any advice please?

Thank you very much.


After I deleted a user from auth0, I keep getting 401 error. Now I think it can be handled by changing the this.$request.getAccessToken to something like undefined but how do I unset it?