WARN: Jovo instance is not available. ON_ERROR doesn't work here



WARN: Jovo instance is not available. ON_ERROR doesn’t work here

I am receiving a random error. Not sure where it is coming from. My Google Sheet CMS looks like it is properly formatted. Any ideas where I should start looking?

Here is the current version of Jovo Libraries we are using:



This seems like a bug with Google Sheets where public spreadsheets can’t be accessed. This is the error message we’re getting:


Private spreadsheets with credentials still seem to work (thanks @natrixx!)


aha, yepper! there is the letter ‘I’! very interesting


There are other people complaining about this as well:



I thought google never has bugs! :laughing:


Thanks for all the help Jan, Nate, and Jovo Community :sunny:

Like they said, change config.js cms sheet type to private

(yes, even if your spreadsheet is public)

The problem should disappear


Amazing having such support from the Jovo Community :slight_smile: