What would a great #VoiceFirst gaming platform be like?


This thread is inspired by the amazing @marktucker, who brings up the best topics. More specifically, Mark’s ideas are great because he’s firmly grounded on technical expertise, but has the vision of imagining how much better things could be under different technical limitations. Alright, now to the topic!

Here’s @marktucker’s original tweet:

Based on that, let’s brainstorm some features that what Mark calls a LiveOps gaming platform should have, in how far these could be hand-made, to which degree cloud providers already provide solutions.

This is something that’s already widely use and, according to my impression, mostly programmed ad hoc. Skills I have in mind with leaderboards are Garbage Hero, Guess My Name (very neatly with a leaderboard website) and Schnapsen Tournament.
This seems to be a core functionality that is offered by LifeOps gaming platforms as well, such as AWS GameOn or Azure PlayFab. I’d be curious to explore how miuch more functionality is out there that could increase engagement beyond ad hoc leaderbaords.

How do you build a voice game?

Amazon acquired a company called GameSparks a year ago, so I can definitely see the possibility of integrating their services into the Alexa ecosystem, including:

  • Leaderboards (already mentioned above)
  • Challenges & Turn-based Multiplayer
  • Real-Time Multiplayer
  • Matchmaking, Lobbies & Tournaments


Amazon announces Leaderboards and Skills GameOn SDK (beta)